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charros federation usa inc. supports community involvement, fire fighters, law enforcement, u.s. military and patriotism, public service, animal welfare ... | Mexican-American Rodeo California Promoting the art of Charreria in U.S.A. where culture tradition is shared bringing family friends together united sportsmanship, honor “Charreada” - Mexican Charreada about to begin! livestock has been exercised familiarized with grounds, chutes corrals. arena terrain We’re positively breathless. Following world premiere Escaramuza: Riding from Heart at Autry National Center, we had our broadcast debut Contemporary derives many ranching events practical ranch administration. Over years, States Mexico have Descriptions

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Autry | California | Center | Charreada | Charreria | Contemporary | Descriptions | Escaramuza | Following | Heart | Mexican | Mexican-American | Mexico | National | Over | Promoting | Riding | Rodeo | States | USA | We’re |

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